Finding a groove; Thor #1; strong women.

Today is the first day since the news of EC’s IMO reprehensible lawsuit against DA was announced when I’ve been able to focus enough to get any work done. I got some words down this morning, but once my younger child was off to prek, it was on, baby. I turned on Tool’s Lateralus and got my headbang on while I carved out three thousand words of freelance fiction, and a couple of blog posts for content creation websites.

As a reward for actually getting work done early, I then crashed with some new comics.

Some history here; I loved the concept of comics when I was a kid, but my father told me they were for boys (subtext: reading them will turn you into a dyke), so while my mom would occasionally sneak me ALF or Archie or something, I never really got into comics as a kid. I loved the first Michael Keaton Batman movie, adored the Superman movies, but other than that…I read a ton of fantasy at the direction of my librarian, but never got into either Marvel or DC in any real way.

Then the X-Men movies came out, and like a lot of people, I suddenly realized that comics could be impassioned, amazing, gorgeous vehicles for storytelling. I found Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, and Garth Nix’s Preacher, and the early issues of Spawn, and I found that graphic novels were much more than picture books for grown-ups, they were something entirely other.

And then I married a comic book geek, and I found myself falling happily back into that world.

I take my geekdom seriously. Some friends and I played a game of Murder-Screw-Marry this summer with the choices as Bruce Wayne (Batman), Steve Rogers (Captain America), and Tony Stark (Iron Man). We argued about it for WEEKS and it still gets referenced in conversation. (Murder Tony, Screw Bruce, Marry Steve, and I will naked-Jell-O-wrestling match ANYONE who disagrees).

When Marvel announced earlier this summer that it was time for the inscription on Mjolnir to change, I held my breath. When I heard the title would be written by Jason Aaron, I started to bounce around in my seat. When the title released today, I bought it as soon as my forefinger could tap the button.

I was not disappointed.

The art is gorgeous. The conflict between the All-Father and the All-Mother which sets up this need for a new wielder of Mjolnir feels powerful and interesting. And the moment when we saw the inscription change? I’m not gonna lie, I cried.

Many of my friends are blogging right now about strong women in fiction. I have spent the past twelve months falling in love with strong women in comics. Laura Kinney (X-23), Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel), Natasha Romanov (Black Widow, in her new stand-alone title), Kamala Khan (the new Ms. Marvel). So many fans are calling this new story a gimmick, a way to cater to the female audience–as if that’s somehow a bad thing.

I think Mr. Aaron’s going to do it right. Time will tell, of course, but I am hopeful. I’m incredibly hopeful.


(Image By Nyo (Own work) [CC-BY-2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons)


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