Sweet Mistake releases on 10/10

So. Ellora’s Cave.

If you visit the romance-author blogosphere pretty much at all, I imagine it would be hard to miss all the current goings-on. If you have missed it, Dear Author has a very detailed sum-up of what’s happening, along with the most recent developments.

Here’s where things get interesting for me: I signed with EC right before the most current dust up. I signed a three book contract. I was over the moon with delight.

A few days after I sent in my edits on Sweet Mistake, the news broke that the company had ended contracts with the vast majority of their freelance editors and cover designers, leading a lot of people to question whether or not the company was going to remain solvent for much longer.

I’m fulfilling my contracts with EC, and I’m not in a place where I feel comfortable urging people not to buy my new book. But I also don’t feel right pretending like I don’t know this is a controversial place to be published right now. I don’t want to disrespect authors who’ve gone the go-round a lot more than me and who are asking their readers to buy something other than their books through Ellora’s Cave.

I am moderately peeved that it’s 14 days from when my book is set to release, and the website still has a “coming soon” cover, instead of the cover that was chosen for it. I am more than moderately peeved that the company has not officially responded to the news of the COO and the Managing Editor resigning, and then the company owner expresses her frustration with “witch hunts” on her Facebook page. I wish that I’d paid more attention to the Absolute Write forums, and this company’s history of non professionalism. But can I go from there and say “Don’t buy my first book”? I don’t know.

So. I’m apparently taking a very firm stance of not standing. I’ll be sitting over here in the corner, writing.


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